Change of Address

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Please make sure you do not register with any other site that poses as the US Immigration Organization. To make sure you register with the US Immigration Organization, check that US Immigration Organization is written at the top of the browser. Please also note that US Immigration Organization never accepts credit card payments. Only check payments online or via the mail are available.

Beware of Immigration Scams: It came to our attention that there are a lot of companies charging between $10-$250 while the actual price with the US Immigration Organization is $39.95.

How Change of Address (Form AR-11) E-Filling Works?

Change of Address (Form AR-11) is a serious process and should not be taken lightly. Completing Change of Address (Form AR-11) should be done seriously according to the strict criteria of the US Government. Choosing the US Immigration Support E-Filling option will make sure Change of Address (Form AR-11) process will be done professionally and correctly.

This automated E-Filling system will make sure that your Change of Address (Form AR-11) application will not be rejected due to wrong information you submitted, indeed it will give you an opportunity to review the whole information, before you submit the application to USCIS – to make sure that your information is correct. Then, you will complete the application, review the submission instructions and submit to USCIS for processing according to the requirements.