Green Card Name Change and Other Updates

The Green Card Updates Application Guide was developed to help a permanent United States resident (Green Card holder) complete and file his or her own Green Card renewal, replacement, and update forms without the costly assistance of an immigration attorney. The application guide contains everything you need in order to properly update your Green Card, change the name on your Green Card, and how to correct any incorrect information.
GREEN CARD NAME CHANGE AND OTHER UPDATES It is vital to keep your proof of permanent residence in the United States current and up-to-date. This is particularly important when a Green Card holder changes their name due to marriage or for other personal reasons. A name change requires the Green Card to be replaced and updated as soon as possible. Several documents must be submitted in order to update the name on the Green Card. There may be other reasons why a permanent resident may need to update and change their Green Card. For example, a Green Card may be issued with incorrect or incomplete information. If your Green Card has incorrect or incomplete information, you must update it immediately. Download the Green Card Update Application Guide and submit your application today. You should download the Green Card Updates Application Guide if one or more of the following applies to you: * Name Change: If you have recently changed your name due to marriage or any other reason. * Incorrect or Outdated Information: If your Green Card contains incorrect or outdated information.