Information On Marriage Visa, K1 Visa, Fiancée Visa

For obtaining marriage visa, K1 visa, or fiancée visa there are many formalities to be fulfilled. Some of the requirements are as follows:

• You will be granted visa only if you and your partner are living together for a period of minimum of four years. Along with that a probationary period of two years is required to be completed. You will be granted permanent citizenship if you have completed two years of marriage and are still living together.
• In order to acquire marriage visa, K1 visa, fiancée visa etc, it is must for the United States citizens that they have met their fiancée before the marriage, to avoid the situation that normally occurs in arrange marriages where the husband and wife have never met before marriage.
• In order to get the permanent visa, you must be determined to live together with your partner.
• It is necessary that you are able to earn as much amount that is required to afford the living expenses of your spouse and also of those who are dependent on you for their livelihood, without taking help of the public funds. Public funds are provided by the government if you have a low income or you are in some other situation where you need money.
• You cannot change your status to spouse visa if you already have a visa that is valid for six months or less.
• Children of the spouse are allowed to enter the country as dependents if they are under 18 years of age.
• At last you can apply for permanent citizenship if you meet the residence requirements of U.S after a period of three years.