Marriage Visa A Must for Foreign Spouses of US Citizens

In United States, marriage visa or K1 visa is issued under INA (United States Immigration and Nationality Act) for the foreign spouses or fiancées of the US citizens. There are certain rules and conditions to be followed to get the visa requirements fulfilled.

In order to get the marriage visa, the US citizens have to file a petition for the fiancée or for immediate relatives. Immediate relatives include the parents, children and even step children of his or her finance. But in case of children, their age should not be more than 18 years. This visa, provided by the government of US, is like a Green Card which permits a person to work and live in United States.

If a relative falls out of the category of immediate relative, then a separate petition will be filed for that relative. It is to be kept in mind that before filing of the petition for the immediate relative or for marriage visa, all the necessary documents must be produced so that the application process doesn’t get hindered. When the immigrant enters the land of the country, he or she becomes eligible to work there and live there as a green card holder.

Requirements of the marriage visa, K1 visa, or fiancée visa are more or less same. US citizens have to provide the proof that their relation is genuine. Also there must be proof that the couple is not trying to evade any laws of the immigration. If anyone in the couple had married earlier, then it has to be proved that the relationship is finished now.