Marriage Visa, K1 Visa, or Fiancée Visa – Requirements To Apply

Marriage visa, K1 visa, or fiancée visa has some minor differences. This visa is for a foreigner who wants to marry a US citizen. These visas enable your wife, your husband or your partner (civil) to enter United States.

Once you have got the visa, you can apply for the permanent citizenship of the U.S. If you want a marriage visa, K1 visa, fiancée visa etc. then it is compulsory that your age should be 21 or above that.
It is important that fiancée of the US citizen must apply for the entry clearance before entering the United States. If you want to bring your partner in the country, then you should refer to the requirement for making the visa application.
Duration of the marriage visa, K1 visa, or fiancée visa is for two years. After the period of two years, the person can apply for the permanent resident status of the United States. In some special cases the immigrant gets the permanent citizenship before this period. However this is applicable only to the person who is married and living in the country with the partner for at least four years.
Some of the points to be considered for the visas are:
• Couple should be married to each other legally.
• They should plan to live together.
• Should have met each other before marriage.
• Couple should have an accommodation and they should be able to live without help of the public funds.